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Earn a home based income by giving your opinion online in paid surveys! All you need is your computer or phone and internet.

What is an online panel & how does it work?

An Online Panel consists of a certain number of registered users who are regularly asked for their opinion on various topics. This way, long-term changes and trends can be examined, resulting in an in-depth market analysis.


For first time users, please sign-up first. Choose your country and fill-in the form to sign-up. For those already signed-in, go to your country page and log-in using the user email and password you chose at the sign-up.

Wait for

Once you submit your information during sign-up, please wait for an email confirmation and account activation.

Complete Profile Information

Once your account is activated and you are able to log-in to your dashboard, please complete your profile information. This will ensure that relevant surveys are made available for your valuable feedback.

Wait for

It may take a few days to weeks for surveys to start appearing in your dashboard. Please be patient and regularly log-in to your account to check if there is any survey to be completed.

Choose & Complete Surveys

You have to select a survey that you would like to fill-in with your feedback and want to provide your opinion for. Survey duration and fee would be mentioned upfront before you take the survey.

Reach minimum threshold & redeem

Your survey completions will build your fee overtime and once you reach the minimum threshold requirements as per your country, you will be eligible to redeem via multiple methods.